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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 21, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PST

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do it because you feel bad for me. i will be at the villages. >> ♪ america's friendliest hometown smote. ♪ what? >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is o. tonight -- >> neighbor we should ask the wealthiest people in this country to start paying their fair share of taxes. you know what the republicans say? no. no. no. >> bill: this man is a hard core socialist. he's has u.s. senator who wants an entitlement society. his name is bernie sanders and his view is affecting your life. we'll tell you how. secular progressives running wild in france. violence breaking out over social issues like gay marriage. we'll show you what's happening over there. >> what would you say to those who argue that the rockets are essentially very ineffective, they rarely do damage and that the response from the israelis is disproportional to the threat they're under? >> bill: also is the left wing media pro-hamas?
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can that be possible? bernie goldberg will have some thoughts. caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. how the entitlement society makes america weaker. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. i am flashing back to my school teaching days. last night i told you the committed left furious, furious that people like me are telling americans the truth, that the usa is becoming an entitlement society and that helped president obama win reelection. missed my talking points from last night, you can access it on the fox news web site. now, why should you care about that? well, one big reason, the entitlement culture weakens the country.
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first the facts. little more than 20 years ago in 1992 the federal government spent 9% of the budget on means tested entitlements. things like food stamps, housing, welfare. now the number is 16%. almost double. in 91, individuals in 41 million american householdses were receiving some kind of entitlement outside of medicare and social security. now the number is an astounding 107 million americans, an increase of 161%. can you believe it? even though the population has increased just 24%. 20 years ago, 23 million people received food stamps. now 45 million people do. a record. in 92, about 3 1/2 million americans were receiving federal disability payments. this month, nearly 9 million americans are getting federal payments. so you can see, anybody can see that the entitlement society is exploding in american. there is no question about it. yet liberals will deny it's
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happening or say it's all because of the bad economy. which is flat out false. in 1992 the black unemployment rate was 14.3%. in 2012, this year, the black unemployment rate is 14.3%. exactly the same. in hispanic precinct, the situation similar. this is about a dramatic change that is overwhelming the united states of america. not economic ma lace. when you have more than 100 million americans living in a home receiving stuff from the government, again, outside of medicare and social security, we're not counting that -- then you have a large dependence on the federal government. and what does that do? well, it saps motivation. why bust your tail when the feds will give you enough to get by? america became great because of individual self reliance, hard working people took chances,
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suffered, created things that helped the country. every day americans empowered this nation. not the federal and state governments. they're in place to protect us and to see that social order is kept. not to provide cradle to grave security. the founding fathers did not want that. the democratic party wants a western european model. they want voters dependent on the government. the result? $16 trillion in debt. awful economy and a growing population that lacks ambition. this is a road to disaster. perhaps president obama will change. surely he has to know that if he and his party continue to build up a massive nanny state, america will eventually collapse economically. that's the truth. that's the memo. now the top story, reaction. joining us is charles krauthammer who has information
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on the libyan information. the entitlement society. i thought mitt romney told the truth the other day in a conference call with his donors when he talked about president obama giving stuff to his supporters. what say you? >> well, look, that's small stuff, i think, it's completely undeniable that the democrats are the party of the entitlement state after all, what is the greatest achievement of obama's first term? obamacare. obamacare is premised on the right to health care. this is the largest new entitlement in 50 years. it's one sixth of the u.s. economy. it's health care, which is the most intimate sort of social relationship any one, any parent, any child can have. and it's been essentially nationalized. and the democrats proudly said, we've done this because we're the only industrialized country not to have guaranteed health insurance. so no one can deny that the
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ideal of the democratic party is to increase entitlements. it's just made the biggest leap in half a century. and that it is a social democratic model on the european scale and taking us away from the traditional american model of more risk, more initiative and more innovation. >> bill: allall right. now, when i pointed that out on election night that people were breaking for the president and a large part of the reason was entitlements, 'cause the below 30,000, 63% vote for barak obama, gave him 7 million in plurality and he won by 3 1/2 million popular votes. when i pointed that out. the "washington post" editorial board attacked me. my question to you as a psychiatrist now, the facts are on my side. i proved the case beyond a reasonable doubt using the facts. the exit polling, and all of the facts that we presented last night and tonight.
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why are they attacking me so vehemently? what is wrong with telling the american people what's going on? >> well, look, the fact is democrats did get their demographic, but that doesn't prove that they got the demographic because they're getting more stuff. i think traditionally democrats have been getting their demographic for a very long time. that skew in social class is to who gets the vote, democrat or republican, has been around for a long time. i think it's a plausible theory. i don't think it's a proven fact. and i don't think as some people have implied, that it's racist simply because the european state, which is the model of the entitlement state, there it's not a matter of race, it's not a matter of racial minorities. it's a matter of a population growing up with the idea of being entitled and the best example of that is in france, sarkozy a couple years ago raised the retirement age from 60 to 62. and you know what happened?
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students rioted in the streets of paris, broke store front windows. think about that. here are people who never held a job in their life and they're rioting because 40 years hence they might have to stay in their last job two more years. that's the entitlement society. and that's beyond dependency. that's decadence. >> bill: all right. but you can disagree with my assertion that a lot of the vote was driven by the entitlement culture. i think i can prove that. all right? but you can disagree with it. why attack me personally as being a racist and all of that? what is in it for the "washington post" to demean themselves by doing that? >> well, i'll repeat what i said a couple weeks ago. i am a psychiatrist, but i don't play one on tv. so i'm not going to psycho analyze people. i didn't see any editorial. but i think i implications that you're racist, i've known you a long time and i read your stuff and hear you, i think that's just not true. >> bill: i think it's because they want to send a message that
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you better not mess around with the agenda that we have, creating a western european entitlement society and if you do, we're going to go after you because we know what the stats are, too. they can read. >> but the point about the argument -- the argument about the entitlement state versus the safety net state, which is what we think that we have in the superior, has nothing at all to do with race. again, the issue is -- >> bill: but they make it about race because they want to send a message. they want to send a message that we're going to get you if you go on to the sacred turf, in which they're winning, by the way, charles. they're winning. okay? if you look at the stats how many people are getting the entitlements as they were 20 years ago with the same level of unemployment in the minority precincts, they're winning. this country is changing and hi don't want to be held accountable for that. >> let me tell you one thing. they won't and they can't win in the end. and the reason is that it is simply unsustainable.
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30 years ago we could have had the debate in reagan days of whether the entitlement state or the safety net state is superior. that argument is no longer theoretical. it's impeercal. history has spoken. western europe is collapsing in front of our eyes. that's 65 year experiment with social democracy is dead. so we already know what it is. the great economist once said if something can't go on, it won't. >> bill: but it is. >> and it won't. >> bill: but it is. what's going to have to happen is we're going to have to have an economic catastrophe. >> at some point. >> bill: for the folks to wise up. because it is happening here. >> at some point when it can't go on, it won't. and that's when the reform will happen. >> bill: all right. i'm going to give charles another minute because i want to get his opinion on the libyan situation. now it's james clapper, president obama's national security guy who is saying, oh, it's me. i sent rice out there and i took out all the al-qaeda stuff. i'm not buying it.
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none of this adds up. mccain isn't buying it. are you buying it? >> i'm not buying it because the chairman of the intelligence committee said a week ago in classified testimony that same clapper said that they had no idea who changed the talking points and now a week later he says he did? that's kind of strange. >> bill: a lot of lying going on here. >> i mean, i've seen amnesia in my day in my clinical days and that one is pretty quick of the one week. >> bill: okay. again, i know you don't play a psychiatrist on tv, but there has got to be a reason behind this. any theory on what's behind this crazy stuff? , this there are a lot of theories, burr all i know is that in the ends, the narrative spun by susan rice and continued by the president afterwards for days and days afterwards on letterman and elsewhere was that it was a riot out of control because they didn't want the country to know that obama's boast that al-qaeda was on its heels was simply not true.
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he kept repeating that throughout the campaign. >> bill: they wanted to protect the campaign. >> well, that's one reason. there might be a lot more, nefarious ones. but they didn't have to worry about mitt romney bringing it up. why not tell the people -- >> but they didn't know that in advance. >> bill: i did. all right. charles, thanks very much. we appreciate it. >> are you a mind reading psychiatrist? >> bill: of course. not in real life. but in fantasy land. our poll question, we're asking was mitt romney wrong in saying many voters supported the president because of entitlements? yes or no? hear the results on monday. next up, chaos in france, secular progressives turn violent over gay marriage. also later on, americans are donating millions to help the victims of hurricane sandy. but will the money ever get to the people who need it? john stossel is investigating and we are coming right
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>> bill: impact segment. one part of the secular progressive movement is to destroy tradition, like marital laws. in france, they're attacking those who want to keep marriage between a man and woman. just because you didn't get the visuals, those are phony nuns wearing habits and they were topless, i guess. that's because there was some people, catholic people demonstrating for traditional marriage. so could those things happen here? they might have already happened with the occupy wall street movement.
1:17 am
here now, alan colmes and monica crowley and you say? >> absolutely. it's not just recent, this stuff has been happening for decades. we all bill ayers, owl wall street, van jones, code pink during the iraq war. this stuff -- this is the left. what you're seeing, these are the radicals of the left. this happens all across western societies and they've got one objective, which is disruption. it's all about tearing down and destroying so that they can then turn around and rebuild their -- >> bill: isn't there a difference between an antiwar movement, which is fairly intense, and gay marriage? right now who -- look atare the the difference. the people who want traditional marriage, colmes, are peaceful and they have their signs. they're trying to get their point across. these are the people who disagree. why can't they be peaceful, too? >> that's not true because in this demonstration, there was physical violence by the antigay
1:18 am
people. they were the ones, antigay group, physically attacked in that particular demonstration you were showing, they were the ones physically violent. >> bill: i don't think that's true. >> it was reported in the "washington post." >> bill: oh, the "washington post"? >> so it can't be true, right? >> bill: they're not in good shape right now. the reports we got -- that's not the reports that we have. the reports that we got were that the pro-marriage traditional marriage people demonstrated first. this was a counter group. the group came and very aggressive way and most of the violence was between the group and the police. >> the violence was started by the antes gay people. >> bill: you're going to say that. >> that's what happened. >> bill: that's what you think happened. >> that is what was reported. >> let's take a step back and look at the bigger picture. look at the tactics that the far left has been using for decades. according to rahm emanuel, never let a good crisis go to waste. even if you have to manufacture the crisis. whether it's the vietnam war, whether it's the iraq war, whether it's traditional values being under assault, the far
1:19 am
left will come in, disrupt, cause this kind of action, in order to get a breakdown of traditional values. because you know what? all great powers, bill, start their demise when the social values that bring everybody together, their shared values start to deteriorate. this republic will crumble when the social cohesion breaks down. >> the far left is if there is no other kind of left, you always say that people like that represent everybody who is left of a'til la the hun and the fact is in the incidents you mentioned, iraq war, vietnam war and gay marriage, the left is on the right side of history because eventually -- >> bill: that's your opinion, but are their techniques correct? topless nuns? >> it's a goofy outfit. but it was the other side that was violent and what happened in the united states -- three states voted that they prefer gay marriage. this is a democratic process. that's now happening in the united states. people are voting for it.
1:20 am
>> bill: in some states they vote for it and some they don't. >> in this past election -- >> bill: you just said people are voting for it and you know in north carolina and other states thank they vote fundamental down. but you don't mention that. >> this is because -- >> bill: but i'm trying -- i'm going to scold you. you are just told, numberne, i don't think you're right about the violent protests. and then you just told "the factor" audience that in america, people are voting for this, like everybody is on board. but you well know that in california and north carolina, two of the most recent bills, it was voted down. you don't say that. so how do you -- >> you miss my point is that for the first time ever in this past election, three states voted. the voters decided -- did she. >> bill: that's a legitimate point. but you come off as a propaganda. >> no i'm not. that's what happened. and in other states like california, you have people like the former bush solicitor general ted olson fighting for gay marriage.
1:21 am
>> wait a minute, guys. in america we have democratic process. we have ways where the people can speak. so it's to states that the people in certain states want to legalize gay marriage, they can. the bigger point here is the left doesn't wait for the democratic process. they come in and disrupt in order to tear down. and celebrate the global socialist agenda which is what all this about. >> bill: you said people don't want gay marriage, they can vote against it. they have and the courts overturn it. >> exactly. >> bill: they don't care what they say. >> my point is that the left goes around the process in order to tear it down. >> bill: supreme court will decide gay marriage. you wait and see. directly ahead, bernie goldberg on whether the american media being fair to israel in the latest conflict. glenn beck will drop by. he has a new book, those reports after these messages
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>> bill: some americans believe the media in general tilts against israel. i don't think so. but the left wing media, certainly does. >> what would you say to those who argue that the rockets are essentially very ineffective. they rarely do damage and that the response from the israelis is disproportional to the threat they're under? >> i would say that to the three israeli people killed by one of the rockets. the 150 israelis wounded physically and psychologically by this. these rockets paralyze an entire country. >> bill: new cnn poll says 57% of americans believe israel is justified in taking military action against hamas. 25% say it's not justified. 19% don't know. joining us from miami, bernie goldberg. so is israel getting a fair shake in general from the media
1:26 am
here? >> well, there is too many news organizations for me to make a broad generalization. so let me say this: before israel's counter offensive last week, hamas lobbed between 750 and 800 missiles into civilian places in israel. that's a the love missiles. 800 in one calendar year. just this year up to 800 missiles. but that was never a big news story in the united states. i'm not saying they never covered it, but it was never a big running news story. it only became a story when israel launched this major counter offensive. now, why is this? i think it's because there is a fascination on the part of liberal journalists and actually liberals in general, fascination and an attraction towards the underdog. they love the underdog. they sympathize with the underdog. and if the under dog has brown skin, better yet. so they see the palestinians as
1:27 am
the underdog and israel as the oppressors, a lot of the far left, and that's why we get stories about uncle mahmoud, who was killed in the terrible savage attack by israel and we get incredibly dumb questions like the one you just played from the woman -- >> bill: nbc. right. >> but i don't think this is a media problem so much as it's a general liberal problem. you ran that cnn poll. let me break that down a little. the cnn poll said that 74% of republicans think that what israel is doing is justified. 59% of independents think it's justified. but only 40% of democrats think it. they can't even get a majority of democrats in this country to think that israel's response is justified. why is that? because there are a bunch of liberals and liberals generally don't like israel.
1:28 am
a lot of liberals don't, anyway. >> bill: it's true. i don't know really why it's tied into some kind of -- i don't know. i'm not even going to speculate. sanderson cooper got into general when he did one of those uncle ma mood stories and told he was a phony. so you got to be careful about reporting there. let's pivot and get into what i was talking to charles krauthammer about. you're a psychologist by hobby. >> by marriage i'm a psychologist. >> bill: all right. >> my wife. >> bill: why is the "washington post" attacking me so vehemently for telling the truth which it backed up 15 different ways yesterday and tonight about the entitlement culture overcoming the traditional culture in america? why are they attacking me? >> because too many times liberals in the media and out of
1:29 am
the media see any kind of observation that involves race and minorities as an attack -- a racial attack. >> bill: but this was just under 30 k. >> i understand that. but they accused you, did they not -- >> bill: absolutely they accused me. brought it right into the racial arena. absolutory. >> what makes it so dumb is that i could envision -- they may have done this. but i could envision a page 1 story in the "washington post," hard news story saying america has changed demographically. white political clout is not what it used to be. this will affect voting patterns, which is basically what you said. >> bill: that's exactly what i said. but i think it's further than that. i think they understand that the culture is changing very quickly and they don't want the folks to understand it. they want the folks to keep
1:30 am
going lifely along until we fall off the fiscal cliff and then everybody will pay attention. but that's probably a few years away. last word, bernie. >> well, i think that too often people on the left see any kind of observation that says people want things for free and not everybody does certainly, but some people do. they see it as a racial attack. they are the defenders of minorities. that's how they see themselves and they feel better about themselves attacking you for being a so-called racist because that makes them feel better about themselves. >> bill: all right. >> that's a psychological component of it. >> bill: i'm glad i could help them out. thanks very much. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves along. john stossel investigating whether the hundreds of millions of dollars americans are donating to hurricane sandy victims will do any good. then glenn beck on how the presidential election turned out and why his prediction was wrong. beck will be here and we hope
1:31 am
you'll stay tuned for those repopopopopo
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>> bill: so far, $240 million have been donated by generous americans to help the victims of hurricane sandy here on the east coast. american red cross received more than half of that money. as usual, there are problems. here now, john stossel. those problems are? >> they were slow. they're a big bureaucracy. it took them several days to get there and one harrisburg,
1:34 am
pennsylvania branch held on to it for local use for three days. but by and large, i couldn't find any scandal. >> bill: no, they're not stealing the money. but three days is a long time and people need relief right away. they don't have food or electricity or hot water. it's three days seems to me to be ridiculous. >> it was too long. other groups were more nimble. but compared to the government and -- >> bill: chris christie and obama were there right away. were they not? >> were they -- the red cross had served a million meals to people. they've sheltered hundreds of people. >> bill: since the storm hit? >> like they got criticized for not moving people out. a 90-year-old woman is bedridden. she needs help moving. the red cross, says we don't do that. well, they don't. >> bill: you're saying that the red cross, even though they were slow, were better than fema? >> well, fema just raised so much money, we heard the story
1:35 am
about the second storm coming and the fema trailer being closed. they also put people up in $300 a night hotel rooms, one in manhattan, very elegant. we asked them about it and they say, well, it's just temporary. and how about the machine broadcast system? another government action? it's never been used successfully. wasn't used during 9-11. and -- >> bill: how much does that cost? >> hunks of millions of dollars. >> bill: we have a system that cost hundreds of millions of dollars, and in this case, it came what, two days late? >> the young people in my house got texts. this is a storm. take cover. this is a storm. >> bill: and the storm was already here? >> that's right. >> bill: i would have texted back, i did take over. a tree fell on me. thanks a lot. >> some people got lady gaga music when they >> bill: i know you don't have any faith in the government's ability to right wrongs or storm or anything else.
1:36 am
do you have faith in the private sector, like the red cross, should americans continue to donate hundreds of millions of dollars, is it worth doing? >> yes. because the private charities have donors and when they get bad publicity, the donors get upset. the charities improve. government doesn't take your money voluntarily. so they rarely improve. and the small charities. >> bill: so you're not saying don't give to red cross. now, billy joel and bruce springstein, he's not my pal, but joel is, paul mccartney, the who, whole bunch of other people, big, big concert for this sandy victims. okay? now, this is money is going to go to the robin hood foundation. should we go see the show and donate to this? robin hood foundation good? >> yes. >> bill: it is? >> as far as i know, they do good work. >> bill: charity navigator says they're good? >> that's all we can go by. and i'm embarrassed that i tried to volunteer. i had trouble. i went out with the occupy sandy people. the occupy wall street silliness
1:37 am
and i think they were doing more than many of -- >> bill: what were they doing? >> getting food toupee they were helping people clean up. i showed up with my van and they said, buy food, please. i was about to buy food. oh, no, now we need shovels. >> bill: did you have to we're the mal hat? >> no, but there was a lecture about the evils of capitalism. >> bill: right. that brad brought the storm in. you know the evils of capitalism because the carbons brought it? robin hood foundation, big concert on 12-12-12 at the garden here in new york. >> skip the concert. just give. >> bill: the concert is all right. when we come back, glenn beck enters the no spin zone to talk about the presidential election and his new book. then is it legal on yet another legal attack on christmas. back in a
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1:40 am
>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. personal story segment, let's welcome back the legendary glenn beck with a new book out called "agenda 21". first, beck, the presidential election, your prediction was wrong. >> big time. >> bill: why? what happened there that you weren't anticipating?
1:41 am
>> i anticipated actually people coming out, you know. we actually went down in some numbers. >> bill: 21 million voted. but some areas that we want down. but that's more than enough that mitt romney should have won, i think. >> yeah, but i think that more people on -- look, i think here is what happened. the parties have gotten to the place to where i don't think anybody believes either side. they just don't see a difference. they don't previous that one side is going to do something. i talked to people in my own family, i'm like, are you kidding me? they're like, i don't see a difference between the two. what? really? i don't see a difference. they're all alike. no, they're not. >> bill: if you're paying attention, you know the difference and it's not to say one party or the other should have won. i thought it was a competitive race. >> i thought it was the best, most stark choice america has ever had. >> bill: absolutely.
1:42 am
>> i don't ever remember a -- two great candidates, two very different philosophies. >> bill: you may know this, but most of the conservative people predicted that romney would win. karl rove, dick morris. >> i did. >> bill: you predicted romney would win. i did not. i didn't make a prediction. >> good thing nobody watches you. >> bill: that's true. but because i do my analysis based on fact, not emotion, i -- >> oh! >> bill: i basically -- you knew there were bad things happening for the romney people in the last week and sandy was part of the reason. when the vote came in, i want you to put yourself back. prosecute you -- rove was surprised. i mean, rove on our air is shocked. >> because i do go on feelings and emotion and everything else, i said to my wife the night before, i said, i can't wait 'til romney wins because then we can relax a little bit and our life will settle down and she said, she's not what god does. god doesn't do that!
1:43 am
he always wants you bettering yourself with everything else. >> bill: you see this as a divine providence situation? >> i do. it will all work out to -- >> bill: i've said that, too. i think it's going to all work out but a lot of pain coming. >> a lot of pain. >> bill: that's a good segueway into your new book. i think this is the 85th book you've written. >> yes, it is. >> bill: i have a library out back. this book is about the united nations taking over the world. right? >> not really. if you like some like "hunger games" or" 1984", it's a fictionalized story of let's take what's in the book from the united nations and then let's play it out. what does the world look like if that is -- if that's your framework. >> bill: what's agenda 21? >> it's all about sustainable food, sustainable environment,
1:44 am
social justice, economic justice, and it is something that the united nations, through george h.w bush, put in, went into our federal level, now down to our state and local level, and it's all about controlling almost every aspect of your life for the greater good. >> bill: now, when you say george bush the elder, he was the u.n. ambassador at the time, right? >> he was the president. >> bill: he was the president. >> he signed it in and repeated the president's council for sustainable development. >> bill: so you take this, which in theory is probably a good thing. we want a clean environment. >> but if you look at what they say the problems are, cars, private homes, there is no private property. there is no private farming, et cetera. >> bill: so the solution to the problems that they see is just -- >> people. >> bill: communistic. >> yes. >> bill: imposition, right. >> bill: you take it and then it becomes -- >> fictionalize it.
1:45 am
"1984". >> bill: are you in the book? >> no, you are one of? >> i am? >> you're one of the prison guards in it. but you tell everybody a fascinating word every day. it's fantastic. >> bill: word of the day in the penitentiary, everybody. don't abscond. all right? there you go. [ laughter ] you having a good time in texas? >> i'm having a great time. >> bill: you moved down from new york to texas and they like you down there. >> previous it or not, it's like the anti-new york. >> bill: no, no, i lived there a few years. >> everybody likes me, there are a few that don't like they. here, it's everybody hates my guts. >> bill: if they don't like you, they tend to shoot at you down there 'cause everybody is armed. >> and i have no problem with that. >> bill: you still nimble? >> i can still duck quickly. >> bill: all right. good luck with the book. "agenda 21". i hope you approach the success of my books. and if you do that, you'll be happy. >> some of us have to work for a
1:46 am
living, bill. some of us are scratching, eke out a living. >> bill: i like the pocket hankie. >> thank you very much. >> bill: is it legal on deck? another attack on christmas winds up in court. also the aclu again helping convicted sex offenders. legal is next
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>> bill: back of the book segment. is it legal? over the years some left wing loons screamed that there is no war on christmas in america. it's all a mirage, all made up my me. of course, that's false. once again, we have to report an unpleasant situation. for 60 years, in santa monica, california, nativity displays have been pud up.
1:50 am
but three years ago, the atheists moved in demand they can got some displays as well. of course, they mock christianity, among other religions. so city of san ma monica said no displays at all. now it's in court. joining us to analyze, our legal team, wiel, the wrists seem to be winning. >> they are because a judge said look, to the churches, you can't have that nativity scene up because we're banning all of it. we're banning the church stuff, the christian stuff, jewish stuff. we're ban -- >> bill: why? >> everybody. because what they said was, what the city council said was, we can have all this stuff here, we're having vandalism. it's dossing us money and plus in santa monica wants to look at the ocean. >> bill: so it's disruptive and so who is suing? who is taking it in? >> this is actually pretty interesting because you got a couple of groups here that have aligned together. the santa monica police department association and the nativity scene committee who are trying to keep this nativity
1:51 am
scene open. >> bill: they filed suit. >> for 53 years. >> they're saying let us put up our display. this is infringing our rights. we're not trying to say someone else should put up a display, but why with -- >> bill: they're suing the santa monica city council, saying you can't keep us out of there because we'll have the atheist stuff, we're not objecting to that. >> exactly. they said let us do what we've been doing. we're not hurting anyone. >> bill: they're going to win that, right? >> they're not going to win that. >> bill: they're not going to win it? >> because a judge said yesterday look, as long as you city council, ban everything, any seasonal display, then that's okay. >> bill: so the city council then, and by the way, this is going to be further heard on december 3 -- city council could ban christmas caroling then. >> yes. >> bill: can say, you can't christmas carol. >> yes. >> bill: that's not america! that's not freedom of speech! >> the first amendment, as long as they ban everything legally -- >> bill: okay. so in santa monica, we're banning everything.
1:52 am
you can't speak! >> this is a scene that had been displayed for 60 years. it's very sad. >> it is. >> bill: i don't think they're going to win. i think that the judge is going to change his opinion because of freedom of speech grounds. all right. now, in california again, the aclu of northern california objects to convicted sex offendsers having restrictions on the internet. correct? >> here is the problem, when you are convicted as a sex offendser, you commit a crime whether it's against a child or an adult, that's sex offendser registration is required under 290. >> bill: in california? >> exactly. to tell them, look, i'm moving to this location, report it. now the new law that came in, proposition 35 said hey, we want to know your e-mail domain name so we can keep track of you on the internet. this is not publicly posted information. it would just be for the sex offendser registry versus the list i can look up when i go home on the computer -- >> bill: so the new law requires sex owe preponderance of evidencers to give the state --
1:53 am
offenders to give the state information about the internet. >> just law enforcement. exactly. >> bill: but that's the state. >> okay. the judge stepped in and says wait. that's too broad. >> bill: so you can't ask convicted sex offenders about their facebook thing. >> you can! it happened in colorado. the law passed -- i think this will be upheld. >> bill: this will be. the law will be okay? do you agree? >> i think this is outrageous, the prosecutor who did these cases, how is it so intrusive or violate of your first amendment when you already have to provide your home address and that's on display? you shouldn't have a right to -- >> bill: here is the solution. >> run wild on the internet. >> bill: every convicted sex offender in california should be forced to move to santa monica, who then ban all speech of any kind or all correspondence. that solves two problems. >> you really solved it. >> arthel: i know. i'm a legal genius.
1:54 am
>> that is back in court on the 17th. >> bill: so the consensus is the christmas thing will stay banned, but this law will be upheld? >> yes. >> bill: but i dissent, saying i think the in nativity scene wilo back. factor tip of the day, something you must, must do for your children. the tip 60 secretaries away. seconds away
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check us out in houston. some tickets remain at the hobby center. the mail, rachel, fayetteville, knock. your talking points were --
1:56 am
warren adamson, congratulations on calling out the post for dishonest and erroneous personal attack on. please send your twin brother up here to deal with our media. jean, from kentucky: jack, from new york: >> folks are no longer ashamed of a loft things, jack. meredith, springfield, virginia, bill, simmer down. both mary katherine and juan are smart and we like to see what they have to say. you were grumpy. i have to see with megyn kelly if it's okay for you to tell me to simmer down. also i wasn't grumpy. i was frustrated because both of them would not answer a very
1:57 am
simple direct question. what were lower income people voting for? linda, ontario, canada. what about to juan and mary katherine? they could not come up with one thing, lower income voters want. how about obamacare? every time you said traditional, in your response to jon stewart, insert white. beyond foolish, beyond foolish. many nonwhite people hold traditional values. marty, west palm beach, florida. wife got me the audio of "killing kennedy," but she got it free with a premium membership. so now i have two gifts. one of our best deals ever, mart y. i can't get "killing lincoln" or" killing kennedy" here. since i covered the faulk lands war, father, i've got a soft spot, you're out in the mile of nowhere, believe me. i'll send you the books.
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and warren smith from florida, bill miller was right and you were wrong. general petraeus is now a civilian and has nothing to do with the military code of justice. love this, i live for this. i live for this. you, warren, and the d man are both wrong! since general petraeus is on the books with a very big pension, he is under the military code. look it up. he had to resign after admitting to the affair. if you are getting any money from the military, pensions, anything like that, you are under their code. finally tonight, "the factor" tip of the day. this goes back to the talking points memo about the entitlement society. americans wanting stuff. you've got to teach your kids, teach them to be self reliant. they're not born that way. so here is the tip, if you have
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a child or grandchild ten years and older, open a bank account for them. give them some cash for the holidays. that is the positive in said account. they will get a statement every month in the mail. they might get a checkbook. believe me, they will pay attention and learn the basics of managing money. their money! instead of asking for handouts from you. self reliance for the kids. open a bank account. factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. check out "the factor" web site. my talking points from both last evening and this evening are available there. also we'd like you to spout out on "the factor" from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. brand-new word of the day, do not be a skellum when w


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